Because your boards are valuable and because needless ding repair sucks. Because your paddleboards catch a lot of wind up on top of your car. Because highway travel requires purpose-built tie downs that won’t put your gear at risk.

Need more detail? Or reviews?

Here’s a comparison of tie downs that make it clear; don’t trust your gear to unworthy straps.

Hardware store straps

> 3/4” - 1” wide

> Inferior sewing, made overseas

> Uncoated metal buckle, will corrode

> Spring-loaded parts, will eventually fail

> No protection for boards

> Good for securing garbage, yard waste

    in the back of a handyman’s truck

> BAD for surfboards, paddleboards

> 200 pound load limit

Surf shop straps

> 1” wide

> Decent sewing, made overseas

> Painted metal buckle, will corrode

> Spring-loaded parts, will eventually fail

> Pad under buckle, offers some protection

> Good for securing shortboards, lawn

    mowers and kid’s bikes

> BAD for transporting paddleboards

> Load limit: unknown

Mile 22 FAT Straps

> 2” wide, 2X hold-down strength

> Superior sewing, made in California

> 4X the sewn in strength of 1” straps*

> Acetal buckle, CAN’T corrode

> Zero moving parts, fail-proof

> Neoprene pad, ultimate protection

> BEST for securing SUPs, paddleboards,  

    outriggers, longboards, surfskis

> Load limit: 800 pounds

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