“I drive 100+ miles a day with my boards, my surfski and SUP strapped to the roof—often for days at a time. I've never once had to stop and tighten or adjust these straps.”

                   — Pete Stirling, Watermans Applied Science / Lahui Kai

“Used the FAT Straps to take a 12.6 race and 10.0 surf SUP down to Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point. The straps didn’t budge a single millimeter the whole trip. They are awesome and I’m a believer.”

                           — Scott Ruble, owner Covewater SUP, Santa Cruz

“Mile 22 FAT Straps are by far the gnarliest tie downs you can get to secure your gear. Skinny straps are for little surfboards. If you have prone paddleboards, SUPs, big wave guns, outriggers, surfskis or other serious vessels, you can trust FAT Straps to keep them safe atop your rig. Get them now. Obey me!”

                                                              — K. Neptune of The Sea

“I just tried the Mile 22 FAT Straps while transporting a 14’ paddleboard and three new Stretch guns from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. Quite a stack on the car. They rock!”


                                                                           — Igor Krtolica

“I have an 11 year old Ford Ranger with a weak aluminum rack on it—it sways something awful. Big rigs avoid ME. I regularly drive up and down the coast from San Diego to San Francisco for races with up to 4 paddleboards, outriggers, kayaks, you name it on top of that rack.  

My FAT Straps are the only thing really holding all that precious cargo to the truck. Without them I would have yard-saled on the 5 freeway long ago. Plus, Mile 22 makes beautiful custom colors, they're almost as pretty as my paddle boards!”

                                            — Kathryn Tubbs, owner Kiya Sports

“If I had a penny for every board I strapped on the roof of my truck I could buy a sick van and keep them inside. Since I don't have any pennies, I am lucky that Mile 22 FAT Straps came along. Super strong and easy to use! Wish I had em 25 years ago.”

           — Zach Wormhoudt, Mavs charger & Ghost Ryder Waterman

“Driving 70mph down the US-101 with a 19 foot paddleboard strapped to the top of your car leaves you with one of two choices; Mile 22 Fat Straps, or a new set of pressure dings permanently indented into your paddleboard. You decide.”

                                           — Craig Waltz, Ghost Ryder Waterman

“I give a blessing for safe passage and hollow waves for all who use Mile 22 FAT Straps.”

                                                           — Namotu, Surf God of Fiji

"I use Mile 22 straps on everything from a single paddleboard to three  longboards stacked up. Super tight and strong—I've never had a problem."

                                       — Josh Pederson, Ghost Ryder Waterman

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. Mile 22 FAT Straps hold your gear down tight. Surfboards, paddleboards, bikes... whatever.”

Kayman Benetti, snowboarder/surfer/skater/downhill MTbiker/BMX champion, hunting waves in Nicaragua

“I just drove across the country with 20 surfboards. Ten of them in my truck, TEN ON MY TRUCK. Mile 22 Straps kept them snug all the way.”

Nicole Pratt, professional surf instructor

“You wouldn’t buy a cheap car seat for your baby. Why would you buy cheap tie downs for your boards? If you want to keep those things secure on the rack, you need FAT Straps. I’m talking about the boards, not the baby.”


                        — Mike ‘M3’ Roberts, Mile 22 Team Bro & new dad

“Two paddleboards, only one set of FAT Straps needed. Santa Maria US-101 wind tunnel day? No sweat. I-5 at whatever speed? Handled. Zero movement in transit. Zero pressure dents. Zero need to look for a better strap.”


   — Mike ‘M1’ Jones, Mile 22 Team Cap’n

I have been using the FAT Straps a lot, I love how long they are and how easy they are to tie down. They are perfect for going in and out to the beach, and also for my surf school because I can strap down up to five boards all with one strap!! Aloha and Mahalos!!

        — Zane Schweitzer, Maui surf/windsurf/SUP pro

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“Every year, Mile 22 Fat Straps get our equipment safely around California. Thanks for making a simple but high quality product!”

                                         — John Alexiou, waterman & firefighter