This is not just contact page. This is an invitation to be part of the Mile 22 scene, and our scene is about paddleboarding, surfing, and living life as a water person.

Send us an email, inquire about our products, or inquire about paddleboarding in general. Call us to ask about current conditions (Monterey Bay). Invite yourself to paddle with us. Or invite us to your race or event—we’ll be there.

Whatever is on your mind is on our minds too, as long as it’s about paddleboarding or surfing or being in the ocean. Hit us up.


Manufacturing/HQ is a garage.

The office is the beach.

Mail goes here...

Mile 22

PO Box 347

Pacific Grove, CA


L>R: Jeff, John, Mike1, Paul, Paul’s bro, Mike3, Gabe, Mike2, Matt, Z, Zach & Mike D. at the

2011 Mai Tai Challenge.

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